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William and his mom’s view on potty training

William, The Intrepid Potty Knight

My name is William. The day before yesterday was my second birthday and we celebrated my birthday with strawberries, cream and pancakes. Because those just happen to be the things I like to eat best. All my aunts and uncles were at my birthday party. Graeme – I call him Uncle Green – gave me a big box containing a potty. I immediately put it to good use. My little cars and my Duplo all fit in the box. And I filled the potty with sand.

In the evening Mummy explained to me that the potty was meant to pee in.  Once I learned how to use the potty, I wouldn’t need to wear a nappy any more. And d’you know what? Nothing happened! Not a thing! No matter how often I sat on the potty, nothing came out of my tummy like Mummy had said. There was obviously something wrong with the potty....

The next day Mummy let me run around with a bare bottom. I love that, especially when Mummy tries to catch me to put a new nappy on! But this time she didn’t chase me. Uncle Green’s potty was in the kitchen with her.  Every ten minutes I went and sat on it to see what would happen. First nothing happened at all. I was disappointed and almost gave up. And then I remembered! I felt something, went and sat on the potty and pee trickled into it! I shouted loudly for Mummy, who came hurrying up with a cloth, but it wasn’t necessary. All the pee was in the potty! She couldn’t believe her eyes! Mummy danced all round the room with me and then phoned Daddy to tell him that I had peed in the potty. Mummy says that I’m a Very Big Boy.

William’s mummy and her view on potty training 

William has been using the potty since his second birthday. Just like on his first birthday, when he spoke his first words and hasn’t stopped since, he decided to start using the potty from that day on. He doesn’t even want to wear a nappy any more, much to the annoyance of the nursery nurses who are certain accidents are going to happen. Like with everything else, William is very determined.  He even refuses to wear a nappy in bed. I explained that there was no way he could go to bed without one, but William wouldn’t listen. I finally managed to get a nappy on him but in the morning I found it next to his bed. And everything was still dry. I had been convinced that toilet training would be a lot harder than that. When I hear other parents’ stories about wet floors and kids who are scared of the potty, I realise I have been really lucky with my little man! It’s a funny sight, this little blonde boy dragging his potty around with him. The potty goes wherever he goes: to Grandpa, to Grandma, even to the playground and the crèche. He prefers his potty. Ine, one of the nursery nurses, recently told me that there was a ‘William’s plate’ at lunchtime: one with a double portion. William has a much bigger appetite than the other kids. We knew he ate well but we didn’t know it was that bad! And now they have a ‘William’s potty’. Exclusively for him, because the other children are not allowed to go anywhere near it…