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A search for stories of experience: how do I start potty training my child?

As a mother, father, grandparent, nanny, ... you are a source of information.
We would like to learn from your experience and share it with other parents, grandparents, ...

Help us in our search for information and experience about how to potty train your child.

Here are some questions that might help in posting your own story:
did you potty train your child?
did your child become potty trained?
did your child use the potty for the first time?
helped your child with the potty training?
helped your child in becoming potty trained?
Tips and trics on how to potty train your child?
What NOT to do?

Share your stories with other people in different countries
on info@dotbaby.eu or on info@babymatters.com 

Contribute your story to help us identify potty training around the world.
Is there a difference in approach around the world? Are there cultural differences?